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ELVIS sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas- CD RARE Longbox CD -1980's NEW

ELVIS sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas- CD RARE Longbox CD -1980's NEW
ELVIS sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas- CD RARE Longbox CD -1980's NEW
ELVIS sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas- CD RARE Longbox CD -1980's NEW
ELVIS sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas- CD RARE Longbox CD -1980's NEW
ELVIS sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas- CD RARE Longbox CD -1980's NEW
ELVIS sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas- CD RARE Longbox CD -1980's NEW
ELVIS sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas- CD RARE Longbox CD -1980's NEW

ELVIS sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas- CD RARE Longbox CD -1980's NEW

ELVIS PRESLEY sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas 1971- RCA-LP LSP-4579 Very Rare- RCA/ BMG Longbox Compact Disc. We can hear one of Elvis most'POP'... W/amazing TCB band, Elvis Premium Powered- Vocals w/ James Burton on his Smoking- Telecaster. New-re-mastered LP-Album, Cd w/ the Original Artwork- & RCA- (OOP- 1st Pressing-1988') -Authentic RCA-BMG CD Factory Pressed-Sealed. W/ Rare 1971' Photo also.

(SEE PICS) Total 41-mins of rare Great Elvis 2nd only Christmas Album he made. Unheard Amazing-'James Burton' on Telecaster rocking hard on several songs, Merry Christmas Baby. Written just for Elvis by; the late.. School-friend/Actor, Bodyguard; "Red West"-'Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees'+'If I Get Home On Christmas Day','The First Noel' Several Classic Holiday Songs are on this disc. Also Famous-Blues Jam-Long-Version with Legend from Muscle Shoals, AL... Bassist-'Norbert Putnam' & Amazing.. "James Burton" on 1st Take song-'Merry Christmas Baby'.

Many Rare Elvis' unique-various songs, It Won't Seem Like Christmas Without You'.. Only Copy I Have To Sell. NOTE: This is the very 1st Cd pressing Available. Import CD Item is NEW & Sealed.

(See Orig-Price Tag in right corner quadrant). NEW- Elvis' Import Album- Christmas- CD SET bought at Graceland Music Convention in Memphis two summers ago.

Elvis' Remix-reload-Cd /Unheard songs, live rehearsals and studio songs not released- unrated versions. With this Elvis Wonderful World, Christmas - CD Set you get to hear Elvis in his vocal prime. Brilliant cover-versions, Music career songs, +Elvis..

Jamming w/ TCB Band, Backing vocals.. The Imperials Quartet also & Mary & Ginger Holladay, Kathy Westmoreland- messo soprano. All tracks remastered in excellent-high Digital Sound By Rick Rowe..

One of The Best U. Elvis Christmas Releases I have owned, unique... This rare Authentic 1- CD Set. ONE of ELVIS FINEST RECORDED at RCA's -Nashville Studio- B.

One Of most popular, LP- Christmas ALBUMS from the Early 1970's... CD- SET IS NEW-SEALED-Carefully preserved-Smoke Free Storage/ Collector. Actually looks like an RCA album w- Colored Labels. ALL Songs-w/ 16-Bit Warm Sound- Mastered-with True-Stellar Stereo Quality.

From awesome,'Summer of 71' -RCA/ Nashville Sessions' RCA Studio-B Elvis Sessions- /Elvis' Sings Several Real, "GEM" Chosen.. Songs-Top quality classic Christmas &'POP'- songs. From The Orig- RCA- Master Tapes. O Come, All Ye Faithful. Traditional; arranged by Elvis Presley.

"On a Snowy Christmas Night". "The Wonderful World of Christmas". "It Won't Seem Like Christmas (Without You)". I'll Be Home on Christmas Day.

"If I Get Home On Christmas Day". "Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees". When released on the original Rca- Lp- album back in fall of 1971, Elvis' long time/friend-co-producer:'Felton Jarvis' had basically... Used every studio-tape/ dubbing-trick he could come up with, when it came to making overdubs on,' If I Get Home On Christmas Day.

, adding strings, horns and a lot of backing vocals, creating what I like to call a, Cool.. Another intimate and sensitive song is the pretty,'' Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees. And featuring a simple but effective arrangement for acoustic guitars and organ. The phrasing is a bit different at places on the previously unreleased takes 2 and 3. It must have been a treat for Red watching Elvis working with his song in the studio, recording no less than five complete takes of it.

Bonus Remix- Reload CD- has the 1985' Version w/ Diff- James Burton Solo. It would be interesting if. Could shed some light on this. RECORDING NOTES: Another song that offers some interesting studio dialog and rehearsal is' Silver Bells. , the last song to be recorded on the first night.

Before tackling the first take Elvis says. Charlie, why don't you guys do harmony with me and help me sing? After a false start, Elvis tells engineer Al Pachucki that he doesn't want the harmony to be on the record, just hear it to get it right. In his book'A Life In Music' Ernst Jorgensen. Describes this episode as'an uncomfortable impasse' but listening closely, I don't hear anything suggesting this, Elvis sounds polite and Al doesn't seem to take offense.

OK, that's very good', he answers back, asking Charlie to turn an amplifier down. The second night of recordings kicked off in great style with Michael Jarrett's.'' I'll Be Home On Christmas Day.

Seems relaxed and jokes around between takes. When Felton Jarvis suggests they need a sandpaper effect, one of the musicians jokingly remarks'He wants to do his fingernails! To which Elvis responds laughingly,'Do that shit on your own time, Felton. You can get a manicure tomorrow, hell!

'' O Come, All Ye Faithful.' proves a return to the better and a much more inspirational Christmas performance. The previously unreleased take -2 has Elvis making a mistake as he begins to sing the second verse too early but is otherwise beautifully performed.

It also runs longer than the master (take 1), featuring the first verse one more time at the end (this verse was spliced with take 1 on'Memories Of Christmas'). The voices singing with Elvis are unidentified, but according to the booklet it's most likely some members of Elvis' TCB- band and entourage, like Charlie Hodge. And Red West- Kathy Westmoreland- Ginger Holladay, Milille Kirkham. Incidentally, this is a song that I actually think benefited from the overdubs made a little more than a month later, giving it a more,'Churchly' sound.

Of the remaining three Christmas songs recorded on the second night, no outtakes exist.' On A Snowy Christmas Night.' was recorded on the same reel that included the first six takes of,'' Winter Wonderland. Compensation comes in form of make of,'' I'll Be Home On Christmas Day. For some reason Elvis wanted to give the song a more solid and heavy beat, the result being a bluesier version.

Rough, very rough', he exclaims after the take 2. The third take, previously unreleased, has Elvis slightly messing up the extra verse (featuring Michael Jarrett's children). That doesn't stop him from delivering an enjoyable, funky version, urging the band along and telling them to add another verse. That's a lot better like that, Elvis', Felton Jarvis can be heard saying right after the ending.

Obviously he's in a good mood here as well, kidding with the producer and the musicians. I didn't like that, that was too good. He jokes after an abandoned intro.

Nothing went wrong so I couldn't criticize it. For some reason, he breaks up laughing during take 6, and after take 7.. CD SEALED- Set/ Mint Condition!

I Strive to sell only the "highest Elvis/music collectibles" in NEW condition- Please SEE my other Most-Rare Hi-grade Elvis Collectibles!!! All MUSIC REVIEW 5 out of 5-STARS! One of his most varied Hi-Quality Denmark-Rare Elvis Christmas CD Elvis picked POPular hits and NEW material.. W/several diff styles he chose to sing (from Country-Rock-Gospel) to be released as far as the songs recorded.. See Pics for track listing, again the sound-overall quality is very good.

Examine Photos 1st My rare ollection will NOT be used-It puts much stress on many items, some 30+ years Old!! Also rare old collectibles, Elvis Music Items Trouble with opened product, copied, etc. What i sell is AS photographed-pictured, (examine them) and AS detailed & Quality guarantee. Thanks much for looking , God Bless!

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  • Artist: Elvis Presley
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Style: Christmas Songs- Holiday
  • CD Grading: Mint (M)
  • Inlay Condition: Mint (M)
  • Instrument: Acoustic Guitar
  • Case Type: 12' x 6.1' x .05' 80's Longbox
  • Format: CD
  • Type: Album
  • Features: Famous Summer 71' RCA-Nashville Studio- B Sessions
  • Release Title: Elvis Sings Wonderful World of Christmas Cd
  • Record Label: RCA- BMG
  • Case Condition: Mint (M)
  • Release Year: 1971-RCA-LP- CD- 1988
  • Language: English
  • Duration: Album
  • Edition: Mint+ Condition-SEALED
  • Run Time: 44- mins
  • Genre: Acoustic
  • Occasion: Christmas
  • Modified Item: No
  • Album Name: ELVIS Wonderful World Of Christmas
  • Era: 1970s

ELVIS sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas- CD RARE Longbox CD -1980's NEW